Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Book Give Winners at Words to Go

The gentle tone of this week's postings has lightened my load for certain. Joseph Bentz's ceramic chicken story will be in my thoughts for a long time as I continue to learn the practice of waiting on God. Marlo Schalesky's tradition that she practices with her kids reminds us that the journey to the cross was a sacrifice for Christ but a process for us. Gail Martin reminds us of the joy of sharing our faith practices and the lessons we learn in corporate worship. And then we revisited my years as I shared my story as a recovering cantata addict. While there is no condemnation in the lessons we learn, there is joy and freedom as we reap the benefits of a life lived in surrender.

Here are the names pulled from this week's blog feedback:

When God Takes Too Long by Joseph Bentz--winner is Karen Harrington

A Son Comes Home by Joseph Bentz-- winner is Jennifer Eckert

Any Patricia Hickman novel in stock--winner is Connie Sue Larson

Thank you so much, my friends for visiting Words to Go. Next week is a week that Christ-followers set aside to commemorate one perfect life and our gratitude for His sacrifice. Join us next week for the Crosswalk--In the Shadow of Redemption.