Monday, April 20, 2009

Charlotte Observer Readers Response and Book Winners

This is the list of readers who posted Sunday, April 19 in response to the article you read in the Charlotte Observer. At my request, the Observer posted an invitation to visit my blog Words to Go and ask their readers to leave feedback. The first 25 posting (and leaving your name) were selected to receive a free autographed copy of Painted Dresses.

Thank you for your warm response. If you posted anonymously and left no name, it was assumed that you were not entering the contest. Here is the list:

Greg Faggart

Kathy B.

Nancy P.

Lynn Dulcie

Sandra M.


Al Huntz

Jacquelyn Mate

Cheryl Regan


HR Lynch

Jenny N.

Tiffany Johnson

MJ Lewis

Samjcil (dearlittlefoundation)


Nicole B.



Fetsje Goettsch

Amy Bennett

Wendy Newton

Faye Apple

Becky Caudle

Judy Murphy

This contest is reliant on the reciprocal response of winners, especially if you left no full name or email addy. If you left an email addy, you’ll be contacted through email. Otherwise, please respond directly to me at pattyhickman at bellsouth dot net. (spelled rather than linked to avoid web crawlers.)

Thanks for visiting me at Words to Go!