Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don't Fight the Season

Just a confession: I was once such a strive-addict. Meaning, I could never settle. I wanted my goals met quickly and for success to follow. But at what cost? I was miserable, my soul withering. I was fighting against the lessons that would help me find my way,  racing past them at a blinding speed. If it was hot, I wanted cold; I would get angry at the rain. Seriously.

Slowing down to listen to the lessons around me helped me to not only focus on one important task at a time, but I found that the things that gave me joy were already given to me. I wouldn't desire a blizzard in the middle of summer's heat for the simple reason that I don't desire a world in chaos. Therefore, I don't strive to fight against a natural season of life because of what it is teaching me; and then there are the surprises that wait for me in the garden.