Saturday, February 21, 2009

Watch for Contest Winners Monday

After a twenty-four wrestling match with Blogger, I'm going to have to work out some glitches. If this goes up, hurrah! But I'll spend the weekend working out the problems with the feedback box that won't allow me access and then the drawing. So let's aim for Monday and I'll post the winners early as possible. Sorry about that, friends.

I've so enjoyed the author chats and the feedback for "Lessons Learned From Livin' Down South" week. Next week, more great author chats are coming.

Did you ever dream about motherhood and the blessed state of holding that precious bundle of your DNA combined with your forever love's? And did that vision of blessedness turn out exactly like you had dreamed? Well, for the rest of us struggling citizens of the human race, motherhood came with a few surprises, one being that much of the work that we would pour into our progeny would go unnoticed and unlauded by the rest of the world. But as a mother of grown sons now, I hope you'll find encouragement in our stories of flawed yet wondrous motherhood.

Please join us in the coming week as authors candidly talk about "The Invisibility of Motherhood--The Hand that only God Sees."

My writer friends joining me will be authors Terri Blackstock, Marlo Schalesky, Maureen Lang and new novelist on the publishing scene Leslie Lehr--all next week on Words to Go!
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