Friday, December 26, 2008

A New Year's Blessing From Your Southern Author Friend

With an entire year to elevate my thoughts, to contemplate the peace of Christ and His redemption, I can still battle negativity just like anyone else. But over time I’ve realized that by embracing the morning with whatsoever things are lovely, it brings hope for at least that day. I can blow away negativity now much more effortlessly than in the past with simple mental practices like meditation on God’s Word and His goodness. How about you? How do you know you've grown since last year? The changing of years helps us regain perspective and think on our life and what good things have come from our struggles.

We’re in the final hours of a year that is nearly finished. Here in the South, it’s the commencement of our true winter, a season of blooming pansies and light dustings of snow, at least down in the foothills. I brace for winter and a new year and somehow hope surfaces. It’s the season of do-overs and bowl games, winter beginnings and sports endings shaking hands.

I pray your new beginnings are powdered with snow and hope and football and faith. Toast and awaken and come alive to the fact that God’s still pondering you and what he might do with you next. You’re in his hands and that’s a reason to throw a party and kiss the cheeks of your friends. You are dearly loved, appreciated, and prayed over by this southern author. Happy New Year, friends!