Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Patsy's Friend:Grief at Christmas

Yesterday my hubby confessed he was having a very sad day. He was missing Jessica so badly he could barely stand it. I confessed that my dark shadow of grief had, thankfully, just passed and I was beginning to feel that awesome joy that follows. We're both thankful that God helps us as a pair with the balance of support for each other. We had no sooner made our confessions to one another than our oldest son Josh called from the hospital where he works and the "sads" were creeping in on him too.

Then I received an email from my precious friend Patsy whose best friend Carol just passed away Dec. 1. Patsy has posted her YouTube video on her website and it's such a blessing I thought it would be a great way to precede my annual postings for those going through loss around the holidays. I post this with great joy that it is going to bless the socks off you whether or not you are longing for sweet reunions this holiday season.

Just go to Patsy's website, and then click on the video.

And tomorrow I'll post little encouragements for those experiencing loss through the holidays.

Great joy to you all!