Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Calling All Big-Haired Girlfriends--It's the Pulpwood Queens Author Extravaganza

It’s official, readers. I’ve been invited as an author to be presented JAN. 15-17 at the Pulpwood Queen’s Author Extravaganza, a huge annual event for women who are avid fans of southern literature. I'll be promoting my latest novel Painted Dresses.
Whether or not I'll have to wear a tiara remains to be seen.
If you live anywhere in the vicinity of the Ark-LA-Texas corridor, get some spray in that wig and get thyself to this huge weekend book party and event. It’s sponsored by Beauty and the Book—the world’s only beauty shop and book store. I am not kidding! The Pulpwood Queens have been promoted across the country (including Oprah) as the world's wildest book club. The charters have now crossed international
This is a fun, fun event and I can’t wait to meet all the readers from my old childhood stomping grounds as I grew up in this corridor, down on the Arkansas side of Barbecue and Big Hair Boulevard.

Here’s a note from the event’s director and founder, (and now author) Kathy Patrick:
Pulpwood Queen Girlfriend Weekend Author Extravaganza 2009

Dec 1st, the price is $350 for members and remember for non-members the price is always $100 higher. We accept all major credit cards but checks must be payable to Beauty and the Book and sent to address below to Attention: Girlfriend Weekend.
Individual tickets for events during Girlfriend Weekend will be available at the door but may be limited to space of event venues. Some events will be SOLD OUT so contact me at either 903-665-7520 for tickets or email me at kathy@beautyandthebook.com
The full schedule for Girlfriend Weekend 2009 is on the website, with list of authors to be featured coming soon.

This is your party and the more we put into it the better the event! I think you will be very pleased with the fantastic line up of authors, speakers, actors, celebrities, and musicians. I work on this event all year and I do my very best to make this event that will be memorable! Now let's get busy reading!
Kathy Patrick, Tiara Wearing Founder of Pulpwood Queens

Girlfriend Weekend Author Extravaganza's mission is to promote literacy, to serve the Ark.La.Tex community through educational, theatrical, literary, and musical programs; to nurture, support, and showcase regional, national and international writers, actors, musicians, and other artists; to help undiscovered authors get discovered in a big way!