Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Painted Dresses the Most Talked About Book on the Internet

I’m back from the Windy City. If you can possibly get away mid-summer, I encourage you to wade into the Karitos Festival of the Arts experience in Bolingbrook. I enjoyed our fiction “tribe” immensely. And we liked each other so much, I organized a Fiction 201 workshop for the returning group next year.

On the home front, last week Technorati, a blogger tracking site listed Painted Dresses as the Number One Talked About Book on the Internet. But to my great surprise, Earthly Vows was listed in the number 2 slot while right behind in number 3 slot was Whisper Town.

If you’ve already devoured Painted Dresses in a week, then the townfolk of Millwood Hollow would like to invite you to drop in and pay them all a visit, especially if you like to follow series. I recommend starting with book one, Fallen Angels. This series has gotten top reviews from critics and readers across the board.