Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Happy and Sad State of the Empty Nest

Jared, our youngest, is moving onto the UNCC campus today. He's the caboose. I was excited when our first two moved into college dorms, but there is something about
packing up the youngest that leaves a mom both sad and elated. If I could bottle this feeling, I'd be rich.

We parents gathered our sons for a final dinner out here in Birkdale Village where we live. As the guys scarfed down pizza, we parents discussed our melancholy. We had all resolved
as parents to keep our homes open for the boys throughout highschool as a safe place for them to gather. Therefore, they could only group date and absolutely no drinking--they said they
wouldn't have done that anyway. So while our friendships have formed a bond as guardians of our coming of age sons, we've all gotten so close that we're going to start fellowshipping
outside of proms and PTO's. We're going to plan some biking and picnic outings.

So the empty nest is not just a place of good-byes but also of some new doors to walk through. But as I look at Jared sleeping in this morning with his Pokemon critters packed away and his
iMac ready for heavy duty, I can't help but smile through the tears and thank God for the blessing of a son who loves Jesus and the life God gave us on loan.
sniff. . .