Thursday, April 3, 2008

We're Not So Different

Ever want to lie down and die? Hide under the bed? Think you’re the only person in the world who has your problems? That everyone hates you and that you don’t have one real friend left in the world? So did Elijah.

Ever think your dad's not telling you everything? That your sibling hates you? That other men are after your wife? That your kids fight and behave worse than everyone else’s kids? Meet Isaac.

Ever think that your dreams will never come true? That there’s a conspiracy against you? That lies are being spread about you? Daniel knew events before they happened, yet he spent most of his coming-of-age years enslaved.

Ever think that your past is worse than everyone else’s past? That men will never stop using you? That you’ll never get a break or find acceptance in anyone of importance’s eyes? So did a woman who stopped for bottled water. She found approval in the eyes of the Master of the Universe disguised in carpenter’s clothes.

Ever think that your way is right, that your religion will trump all others until you’re dumbstruck one day to realize you were wrong all along? That you missed God by miles because you didn’t know him as well as you thought? Paul, a man of high religious pedigree, called himself “the chief of sinners.”

Because we go through so many difficulties and make choices that turn out horribly wrong we think that our struggles are what keep us from attaining any sort of great purpose in life. We start to believe that it’s our problems that keep us from reaching into life and pulling out the wondrous plum of happiness that will finally make us realize why we’re here. But it’s in the middle of problems and crisis that all of these people came to realize their dependence on God. Just when each person thought his or her days as a major player was over, God stepped in and showed that His playing field had a different playbook. Are you going through a season of sorrow? Does it seem like you can’t depend on friends to support you when you need them most? Do family members disappoint you? The questions swirling around your wonderful mind have been circulating since ancient times. We haven’t evolved at all. We’re just as dependent on our Creator as the first family that introduced dysfunction into humankind.