Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Watch for Exciting Guests During Ask the Experts Week, Romance Week, and Upcoming Mystery Guest Fridays!

REMINDER: Don’t forget Patty will be dropping in as a featured author to Jefferson, Texas this upcoming weekend at the PULPWOOD QUEENS AUTHOR EXTRAVAGANZA!!

We all had such a great time visiting last week with author Lisa Samson. In addition to Mystery Guest Fridays, I’ll be hosting an occasional “Ask the Experts” Week. Here is the upcoming calendar, so be sure and post it to your Blackberry or Outlook calendar so that you can sit in on the fun:

February 2-6 “Ask the Experts” Week
“Women Authors on Prayer”

☺ Mon. Feb. 2 “Praying When it Seems God isn’t Listening”will kick off the week with a chance for bloggers to post your thoughts and comments about this very complicated issue.

☺ Tues. Feb. 3 Girl, you will Bee excited to sit in on this day when author and Christian Communicator Thelma Wells and Patty chat about “Praying God’s Will”

☺. Feb.4 Are you hungering to go deep? Then join author and popular conference and retreat leader Jan Winebrenner and Patty as they discuss “Prayer and Meditation.”

☺ Thurs. Feb. 5 Calling All Cracked Pots!!! Yes, it’s a week of extravagant grace as Women of Faith’s Patsy Clairmont and Patty talk about “Praying From a Surrendered Heart”

☺ MYSTERY GUEST FRIDAY!! She’s a best-selling novelist and this mystery will leave you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who she is! Drop in Friday, Feb. 6 to hear Patty and this Mystery Author discuss the most difficult responsibility in a woman’s faith journey, that of praying for our kids. Join Patty and one of today’s most popular and beloved novelists in a candid discussion just for moms.

Veteran romance editor and author Karen Ball and I will talk about the realities of romance and marriage in real time and how romance can still sizzle out of imperfect relationships.

♥ Additionally, Marilyn Meberg, Women of Faith anchor speaker, humorist, and author of Love Me, Never Leave Me and I will discuss one of the deepest of emotions, the fear of abandonment. Marilyn says of this subject, "We crave connection with the ones we love most, and when our bond with them is broken, damaged, or threatened, we fear being left. We fear abandonment." Join Patty and Marilyn as Romance Week at Words to Go continues to soar.

♥ Fri. Feb. 13 MYSTERY GUEST FRIDAYS VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL hosts a veteran bestselling author whose stories of redemption have touched hearts the world over selling in the millions. One of her novels has never left the bestseller list to this day, nearly a decade later. Your heart will palpitate as this author and Patty discuss the Greatest Romance of All Time. Can you guess what that romance might be, Soul Sisters?

♪ Now don’t forget Patty will be dropping in as a featured author to Jefferson, Texas this upcoming weekend at the PULPWOOD QUEENS AUTHOR EXTRAVAGANZA!!