Friday, July 11, 2008

RT Gives Painted Dresses 4 Stars!

RT Rating: 4 stars

Painted Dresses

Award-winning author Hickman weaves a wonderful tale of women who have triumphed over adversity in this sensitive, caring, heartfelt story. It's a story readers will remember long after they have finished the book.

Summary: Gaylen Syler-Boatwright heads to her late Aunt Amity's house to get her life back on track. She discovers a gallery of dresses in frames with the names of her relatives on them and hits the road with her sister to find some of them. Gaylen discovers long-buried family secrets and, through the grace of God, learns the hardest lesson of all -- to forgive and move into the future with a clean slate. (Waterbrook, Jul., 352 pp., $13.99)
—Patsy Glans, Romantic Times