Monday, May 19, 2008

CCWC. . . As Promised

As I promised the writers in the Rocky Mountains this past weekend, I’ll blog thoughts on writing. The Emotional Architecture class brought the greatest response, so I’ll add some thoughts to it.

It’s really difficult to know how to write out of an emotional architecture without trying it out, failing, and then finally hitting that sweet moment when you realize something is happening to your writing.

While it’s good to read another novel and then write, what I see happening in the manuscripts is a copycat writing. It flattens any hope for personal style or finding a personal writing aesthetic. So if you heard from me that your writing was suffering from either clichéd writing or formula, remember to pull out your hand-outs and try them out. And don’t be in a hurry. Writing is revising.

If you would like to post more questions here this week, please feel free. I’m looking forward to seeing how each of you return home and start making application. Remember that George Barna says if you don’t apply what you learned from a class or workshop within 24 hours after hearing it, you won’t. So start writing today.