Friday, March 21, 2008

In Memory


Today is Memorial Day for Christians. We remember the life sent from heaven to die on the battlefield of humanity for all of us. Jesus came from his Father’s throne room with marching orders—save them! Then he breathed his last breath and passed on those marching orders to us mortals below—love them. Feed my sheep.

“No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.”

On this, our blessed Memorial Day, a very good Friday, take a moment to reflect on what has been passed on to you to give out to your neighbors. A cup of water, an encouraging word, the Word of Truth. You are the light of the world. Remember and shine.
A song welled up in the singer's heart
(Like a song in the throat of a bird),
And loud he sang and far it rang--
For his heart was strangely stirred;
And he sang for the very joy of song.
With no thought of one who heard.
Within the listener's wayward soul
A heavenly patience grew.
He fared on his way with a benison
On the singer who never knew
How the careless song of an idle hour
Had shaped a life anew.
We thank Thee, dear Father, for the early thoughts of Thy unfailing love.
The clouds darken the sky, and the air is heavy with mist, thus changing the
days plans, but we will not be disturbed or withhold our notes of praise. Help
us to be so receptive that the inner light may shine forth to Thy glory. May our
eyes be anointed and our ears open to the Spirit's leadings that no opportunity
to help or comfort others be unnoted. Hear our cry for the bruised, burdened, imprisoned
souls, especially for those for whom no one else will pray. Remember them with
great tenderness, for Thy mercy is everlasting. The love of Jesus gives hope for all.
Bless His dear name! Amen.