Friday, February 29, 2008

Mission Accomplished

No, I haven’t fallen off the planet. Just off to mysterious parts unknown helping lend a cup of water to abused girls. Yes, for friends keeping up with the Hickman’s adventures, we have officially helped launch a safe place for girls abused by some very evil people. Not only are the girls victimized for the benefit of the porn industry including snuff films, (as in “snuffed out” on video for weirdos who get their kicks watching), but some very corrupt politics help keep these guys in business. In short, the girls can’t exactly call 911 for help. The thing you have to realize—all you guys out there—is that porn is porn to these sub-humans. So what you have to do is STOP WATCHING IT! If they couldn’t make money off it, they wouldn’t do it. And it’s the same people who make money off selling illegal drugs.

But our job was not to try and abolish this evil system, although that’s what is needed. We’re all about offering a refuge to girls who are being targeted and need a safe place to hide, mend, learn new skills and get the heck away from these weirdos.

We didn’t quite finish building these absolutely fabulous beds that any teenage girl would salivate to own. But we got the first set of beds finished. Our highly expert team members would like to go back really soon to finish the project. The money is already available for the construction supplies, linens, etc. So if you could help with a little scratch for airfare, we can get these guys back with hammers and saws in hand and finish our wonderful place of refuge for some needy young women.

Thank you, friends, for making this safe place a reality!