Friday, June 1, 2007

A Tribute to Jane Orcutt

I remember Jane at an RWA convention many,many years ago. She was a quiet young woman and that surprised me. She was always a talktative sort within the chatter of our online community of pubbed writers. From that time forward, we made it a point to stay in touch and keep up with new releases. She once told me, "You're the only one that I allow to call me 'Janie'. Somehow when you say it, it sounds nice." She was so encouraging and that was a trait that would mark her as a friend to many Christian authors.

When Jane passed away March 18, 2007, on a Sunday, there was a cry of anguish that went up from Christian publishing. This week marks the release of her final novel, All the Tea in China. You may visit Jane's website, a site that has been a labor of love from friends, and order her book. All proceeds from Jane's books go to support her family.